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Improvong the Life at School

             Several concepts appear when I think of how people can advance the life at their school. Ideas such as programs to stop bullying, racism, longer lunch periods and shorter classes. One idea that I believe should be in forced is school uniforms. The issue of uniforms in the school system has repeatedly surfaced in recent years. Students wearing school uniforms will definitely eliminate the amount of violence, teasing and bullying which occurs, help out low income families, schools will be much safer and orderly, school discipline will improve and pride and school spirit will improve. .
             Clothing designers spend millions of dollars each year on advertising because they know what we know: clothes send a message and influence behavior. Clothes can be a distraction, and that affects learning. Clothes can divide students into competing cliques, and that destroys school spirit. If everyone is dressed the same it would obviously eliminate disruptions, and increase school spirit. .
             Several commotions occur between students due to there appearances and their clothes. Several gangs dress in certain colors, or dress in certain clothes. Implementing school uniforms would decrease the trouble with gangs. It would eliminate teasing and bullying which students have to face every day, due to not being able to wear what is in or what is cool. .
             Low income families which are faced with buying their children new school clothes won't have to face the issue of spending money that they don't have. Students won't necessarily have to purchase a new uniform every year, seeing as they don't vary. Also, provisions are made with low income families to procure uniforms, which is a definite bonus. .
             Some people complain that making students wear a school uniforms crimps their style and violates their right of free expression. But I think wearing school uniforms does the reverse. It can enhance those rights by creating a school environment where students can learn to read, to write, to think and to express themselves effectively.

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