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Frank Sinatra - Life of a True Artist

            Francis Albert Sinatra was American singer and actor. He was born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken, New Jersey and he was a son of Italian immigrants Natalie Della and Antonio Martino Sinatra. As Frank was their only child, they have been trying hard that he has everything what in the end was the biggest problem: Frank became too spoiled and that was something that had enormous influence in his further life and behavior. In the age of 15 he left high school with the passion to become a sports journalist. Even though becoming a journalist was his big wish, the lack of education slowed him down in accomplishing that goal. But, in the other hand, his sense of hearing couldn't ruin neither his broken eardrum nor the fact that he didn't know how to read notes and chords.
             Frank started his musical career in his early childhood, but in the moment when he met Tommy Dorsey, the bandleader, his career suddenly became serious and began to flourish. He replaced their vocalist, and signed a one-year contract and obviously made a life-changing decision. In that time he was already married to Nancy Barbato with whom he had three children: Frank Jr, Nancy and Christina. After few years, when he realized that a contract with Tommy Dorsey was not appropriate to him, because there was said that Dorsey can have one-third of Sinatra's lifetime earnings, he terminated the contract in a bit brutal way, in 1943. Sinatra released his first solo album, ''The Voice Of Frank Sinatra," in 1946. Listening to his music, you can immediately realize that he was a big fan of Billie Holliday. Female fans were crazy about him most of the time, but for all of them it was something special when he walked onto the stage with a drink in his hand and started to sing in a beautiful, peaceful voice. He enjoyed being a star, which considered having a lot of fun, drinks and women. In the same time, those things showed as his biggest vice.

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