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Frank Sinatra

            Francis Albert Sinatra was a movie star, the king of nightclubs, and the definitive recording artist of his time. He stamped his sense of style on all the post war generations. He was not only a musician but also a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor. Throughout his life he had made some 60 films, tens of millions of recordings, television specials, worldwide tours, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charities, and also became active in Politics, supporting Democratic candidates and fighting against racism in pop culture. He also won nine Grammy's and two Academy Awards. Sinatra's star power ensured that his voice and lyrics of the swing era would continue throughout the years of the 20th Century.
             Francis Albert Sinatra was born December 12, 1915, the only child of working-class Italian American immigrants, Anthony Martin and Natalie Della. Born in a tenement at 415 Monroe St. in Hoboken, New Jersey. At birth he was thought to be stillborn until his grandmother revived him under cold water. At age 15, Sinatra dropped out of high School and decided tat he would follow in the footsteps of his idol, Bing Crosby. He then joined up with a singing and dancing trio called the "Three Flashes". He finally got his first real break when a Trumpet extraordinaire, Harry James stumbled upon Frank at a New Jersey restaurant. He then joined the band "The Music Makers" as the lead singer. In the early forties, after singing with many bands, Frank decided to persue a solo career. Success followed him and so did swarms of adoring teenage girls just to hear his unique phrasing and emotional performances. Never before in American history had a young male singer, crazed the girls as Frank did. There were lines many miles long .
             outside the concert halls, where Frank would be performing that evening. Frank did not like the screaming because in December 1946, Frank ordered that teenage girls be banned from attending his radio broadcasts.

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