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Frank Sinatra

            Frank Sinatra was born December 12,1915 in the small town of Hoboken, New Jersey. (Lahr 3) His mother and father were poor Italian Immigrants, but his mother managed to make her mark on the town. She was a sturdy little woman that was into everyone else's business and could stand up to anything. She along with his second wife, Ava Gardner influenced his career the most. Dolly though, had the most significant impact on his personality and the way he lived his life. .
             Dolly started out as a poor Italian immigrant but that didn't stop her. She quickly rose up as a leader in the world of politics. She was a Democratic ward boss for most of her life and guaranteed the "party machine" 500 votes every election. (Lahr 5) When Frank was born, Dolly had little or no time to be a mother, most of the time Frank was sent to live with his grandmother. In the Sinatra household, Dolly was queen; "She was very strong and judgmental, she also scared everybody", says Shirley MacLaine. Frank also feared his mother, but he tried to be like her as well. They were fiery, determined, strong willed, and both refused to be pushed around. He inherited all her of her ambition as well, the best example of this was when she got her son's godfather to get him a job at the Jersey Observer. Sinatra got a job with the paper's delivery truck and unloaded the trucks that came in. When their sportswriter died, Dolly got Frank to go back and ask for the writing job. Frank arrived at the office dressed for work as a reporter, but Frank Garrick was out. Frank sat at the dead reporter's desk and started doing the job as a sportswriter. The editor asked what Frank was doing and so Frank replied that he was the new sportswriter and that Garrick had told him to come. The editor found out that Frank was lying when Garrick came back and was forced to fire him. Garrick didn't speak to Frank after that for fifty years. (Lahr 8) Dolly and Frank also went through periods of the infamous silent treatment.

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