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School life

            College life is a lot different from high school life. For example when I moved to Columbus it was a big change for me because I wasn't used to the heavy traffic or the big city life. In fact I would sometimes get lost and not know where to go. That made a big difference to me because it was hard to adapt and find my way around to get where I needed to be. On the other hand College life and high school life are very similar. For instance I still hang out with a few of my friends from high school. Two live with me and one will come down occasionally, and I"m usually back every weekend so that gives me the opportunity to be with my friends and family also. To understand the similarities and the differences on college life and high school life one can look at the way I had to get used to the new city, how the new school teaches compared to high school, and how it is different from my old house. .
             College life is a lot more different than it is similar compared to high school life. When I moved here there were many things I had to adjust to. It was almost like starting a new life with the old life being just on the weekends. I had to get a different job, go to a different school, and meet lots of new people. It was hard to become accustomed to all these differences, but everything is working out great so far. .
             College life is similar to high school life as well. College offers education as well as meeting new people and experiencing new experiences, as did high school. My high school was very technology based and Devry is also technology based. I like this because it is something that I am used to and understand. The teachers are also very polite and helpful. In College I am glad that I can go back on the weekends and visit my friends and family because they gave me motivation and lots of help to succeed in high school as well as in college. .
             Living in crosswinds is a lot different from living at my old house in Troy.

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