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Charter schools

            Where do parents said their children to school if they are not satisfied with the public school their children are currently attending? They have the choice to send them to a charter school. A charter school is not a private school it is funded by the government. "Charter schools are semi-autonomous public schools, founded by educators, parents, community groups or private organizations that operate under a written contract with a state, district or other entity. This contract, or charter, details how the school will be organized and managed, what students will be taught and expected to achieve, and how success will be measured. Many charter schools enjoy freedom from rules and regulations affecting other public schools, as long as they continue to meet the terms of their charters. Charter schools can be closed for failing to satisfy these terms (Education Commission of the States).".
             To start a charter school there first needs to be a reason. Then after there is a reason established there needs to be a plan of the instructional program, description of administration, staffing, and an estimated budget plan. The second step in starting a charter school is getting an application and getting the application approved by the state. To get approved "it is important to enlist community support for your charter school idea and to get to know members of the sponsoring agency the last step of presenting your charter may involve attending committee hearings to discuss and review the application (www.uscharterschools.org)". .
             The benefits of a charter school are that it increases the opportunity for learning through innovation in teaching. Charter schools are apparently doing very well in attendance according to America's Charter school Finance Corporation, "recent studies are showing higher student attendance rates at charter schools and greater teacher and parent satisfaction (America's Charter School Finance Corporation) .

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