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The New Public Schools: Charter Schools

            As consumers we constantly search for the best quality in products that will satisfy our needs whether is on groceries, electronics or clothes, an if we can't find satisfaction on local shops or markets we tend to research until we satisfy our desire or pockets. However, when it comes to education we are used to think that what we are offered by traditional school system is quality by nature. As for education in a new era of technology and virtual classrooms, the budget cuts towards Education have led communities to find a new way to raise their voices toward education system. The subject of charter schools is not new to American culture anymore, as discussions and controversies have arise about the economical impact caused by charter schools towards public schools. This has left doubts and disavowals about the benefits of a new and dynamic educational system. Although public school system oppose to the development of charter school systems, studies have shown that charter schools can be successfully engaging projects that provide reliable education alternative to communities when properly manage.
             In addition to controversies and arguments presented by public schools vs charter school systems, Gary Warth from San Diego U-T reports that at the Charter School Conference that took place on San Diego, CA. CEO and President of California Charter Schools Jed Wallace said, "If you were to look anywhere in the landscape to find the most exciting things happening right now, you would look at charters." Nevertheless, charter schools are nothing new to American culture, they have been around long enough to create uncertainly and unhappiness among public school systems and Education Boards nationwide. We must understand that charter schools are public schools that are built and designed to provide education alternatives for those who can't find satisfaction in public education or feel failure by traditional school systems.

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