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A Radical Chicago Renaissance - 2010

            In June of 2004, former mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, promoted the Chicago Renaissance, 2010. It was an aggressive undertaking that, if successful, would provide a much better education for inner city students. The plan was to create 100 new schools throughout Chicago, developing three types of schools which would offer great programs and new advantages for students. The Chicago Renaissance implemented some radical policies that stimulated a healthy turn in the city's educational system. .
             The Chicago Renaissance 2010, provides unequal education. Chicago Public School, CPS, have over 410,000 students, and over 90% of CPS students are minorities, which 85% are from low-income families, while 40% are Hispanic(CPS). Students who are from low-income families are more likely to choose lower-performance such as charter schools. It is because lower performance school mostly required less cost, and this can reduce economical pressure for the low-income families. Between, it had a big risk that 46 out of 92 Renaissance 2010 schools are charter schools. .
             The 100 Renaissance schools are divided into three types, charter, contract and performance. Charter school is the least restrict among the three types of schools. All three types of schools are funded by the non-profitable agency. All run by CPS, except Charter school. Charter School is the only type which allows only 50% of teachers are certificated. Since CPS students who are from low-income families have limited choices due to the financial problem, they probably can only go to the schools like charter schools. Chicago Renaissance 2010 cannot provide a well education enough because it cannot ensure and maintain a good teachers' standard for CPS students. .
             Under the system of relying funding, accountability becomes very important for the Renaissance 2010 schools. Chicago Renaissance 2010 set up test scores, attendance and graduation rates as the standards of accountability of every school, including CPS regular school.

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