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changes for african americans in the 1920

             In the 1920's, African Americans were going through many changes and were doing many new things that they hadn't even thought about doing before that. Only sixty years before 1920, African Americans were just breaking away from slavery. So for African Americans to be going through those changes was a big step for them. Although the racial hatred wasn't even close to being forgotten, those changes and many new things really helped the African Americans in society. Not only did African Americans go through changes, they were the reason for some of the changes in the 1920's. .
             The African Americans not only went through changes, but started one particular change that took the country by storm. That change was bringing jazz to the attention of white people and the mainstream. Jazz music was started in New Orleans by African Americans playing it in the night clubs. Then it spread to Chicago and New York and the other big cities around the country. That's how jazz music really got started. Not only did African Americans start jazz, but some of the best jazz musicians were African American. Two of those musicians were Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, who was also known as Sachamo. .
             Another big change for African Americans in the 1920's was the Harlem Renaissance. This is when African American literature, art, music, dance, and social commentary began to flourish in Harlem, which is an area of New York City. This African American cultural movement became first known as "the New Negro Movement", and later became known as the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was more than a literary movement. It was a celebration of the unique culture of African Americans, and gave the world a new view of African American expression. The Harlem Renaissance changed African American identity and history, but it also changed American culture in general. Never before had so many Americans read the thoughts of African Americans, or were interested in the productions, views, and styles of African Americans.

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