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Amrican Tension in the 1920's

            Following WWI, America transitioned into a time of modernization and innovation. Tension was a common word in the 1920's, many wanted to become more new and innovate to newer and better things, while others wanted the traditional way and don't want to innovate. Many clash and it was a big problem in the 1920's. Technology was getting stronger and was slowly progressing away from classic views of the old technology. The Brooklyn Bridge which was inspired by Joseph Stella he was best known for his images of the bridge, he was interested in the Brooklyn Bridge because it was the shrine containing all the efforts of the new civilization of America[ CITATION BDo20 l 1033 ]. Also, the Ku Klux Klan came back, which as known as the KKK. From the early 1920's to the late 1920's the world saw many changes, generations were feuding over the advancement of American Society. Some usually described the 1920's as the Jazz Age that's when the name the Harlem Renaissance came along. Birth control was a huge issue. After the war the decade saw huge and spectacular changes in the Radio industry. Overall, the 1920's marked a time of social, political, and economic advancements that raise the American culture and later on concreted America as a world power.
             During the 1920's, African American was huge influence during this time. Some say the 1920's were described as the Jazz Age when young people danced to African culture. Whites didn't like it at all. They felt Blacks were taking over. Whites were willing to experience the byproducts of the black cultural revolution, but most did not accepts blacks in society. Blacks were unlikely to get jobs during the time some were victims of segregation[ CITATION Aim01 l 1033 ]. During the 1920's the KKK revived more than ever. In Document D, a man named Hiram Wesley Evan who was the imperial wizard of the KKK[ CITATION DDo l 1033 ]. He tortured and killed blacks and believe shouldn't be apart of American way of life.

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