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            The 1920's were considered as the era of prosperity, or "the new era". As we look back at the time period of 1920 to 1929, there are many characteristics that have made the world the way it is today. These major characteristics range from minor things such as radios to major things such as automobiles. These endorsed products caused a rise of consumer culture and debt. America in this era was a much at a much slower pace than America today.
             A major characteristic of the 1920's was American economics. Economics dominated in the 1920's. Radios and automobiles became an important new invention. Together with mass production, the radios and automobiles and an enormous impact on the economy. The tin and glass industry had to produce more for the cars. They had to build more highways and there was always more construction being done. The gasoline industry rose. This was all due to the production of the automobile. This seemed to bring great things to America. These new inventions created more eager consumers in the 1920's. .
             Social factors in the 1920's also effected this era. A main thing was a woman. They were drastically affected in this era from being allowed to vote and to having jobs as a secretary or an office clerk. After World War I, the African Americans wanted to return home and be honored and respected but instead they were going to be segregated. The immigration acts of 1921, 1924 and 1927 all were designed to cut back immigration. They also raised concerns among the American public. Automobiles had a profound look on society. They started new traditions, Sunday drives, shopping, picnics and cultural affairs. Sports were also a form of entertainment. People would drive to watch baseball games and football games. The film industry also started to emerge. This created a life we wanted. The media industry also became important and this helped the making of Broadway and Hollywood.

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