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australia in the 1920"s

            After the suffering of World War One Australians in the 1920's began to enjoy themselves more. It is often described as the "Good Time Decade", the "Roaring Twenties" and the "Jazz Age". In this decade many technological advances were made, the economy strengthen, the barrier of isolation began to break, communications improved, and the population grew. .
             The twenties were called the golden years of aviation. Aeroplanes started to fly back and fourth across the country and many historical flights were made. In November 1920 Australia's first major airline was formed, Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service or QANTAS. Cars also started to take off in this decade. Not many people owned cars because they were too expensive. The "Austin 7" the smallest car available cost approximately $400, just over an average years wage. In 1920 75,628 cars were registered. That's one car for every seventy people. By 1929 there were 546,210 cars registered with one car for every twelve people. Horses were still used but by the end of the decade cars outnumbered them. Holden, Australia's first car company set up a car body works in the early 1920's. They boasted that they could produce 1200 car bodies a week. By mid decade American car companies had set up factories in Australia. The overseas companies chose to make there cars here because they could produce more cars for less money. This was welcomed by the Australian government as it provided a valuable boost to employment and also to the economy. Cars were improved dramatically through out the 1920's. Cranks which were once used to start the car were now only used for emergencies and were replaced with electric starters. Wider tyres were put on cars, electric headlights were introduced, canvas tops were replaced with hard tops, and a new finish call "duco" was used to allow easer maintenance. After 1925 the government set up a special fund, from the tax on petrol, to be used towards making new and maintaining highways through out Australia.

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