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What Explains the Rapid Growth in the Internet?

            In these few centuries, the broadcasting industries have a few significant transformations. The broadcasting radio industry expanded rapidly in 1920s until the born of television service in 1936. However, the born of broadcasting television service did not influence broadcasting radio industry very much. In fact, the real challenger of broadcasting industries is Internet, which was growth rapidly in these two decades. This essay is mainly divided into two main sections, firstly it will discuss the main reasons that explaining the rapid growth of Internet in terms of the technology circumstances. Then the essay will argue whether the growth of internet will cause the death of broadcast media. .
             Since the internet is a vast global interconnection of some 100,000 computer networks around the world all of which use a common set of technical protocols (called Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocols of TCP/IP) in routing data across those networks' (Pavilk. J, 1998, pp29), the ubiquity of personal computers can be considered as one of the reasons in explaining the rapid growth of the Internet. The first personal computer was available on the market on 9 September 1975 from IBM, which cost from US$8975 to US$19,975 according on the memory (16K, 32K, 48K or 64K) (KC, 1999). However, as this new technology become more and more common in the society, the price of the personal computer become more affordable and reasonable to the public so that more and more people can pay for a personal computer. By the mid-1990s, 35% of all US households had a computer; this represented about 10 million machines. By 1996, the figure had risen to about 22 million (Dearnley, J & Feather, J, 2001, pp30). In another words, the personal computers popularisation greatly enlarges the network of Internet as more people have a computer, the fundamental needs for Internet, to get online. As Kitchin, R suggests, with the increase in the number of personal computers, the potential number of users of the Internet has increased (1998, pp.

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