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Child Laws In Media

             Everyday millions of people get on their computers and surf the net. We can access things that are thousands of miles away in less than a minute. The Internet has made everything convenient to the world. Convenience is nice but is it safe. People can get away with breaking some forms of the law by using the Internet. Child Pornography is an issue that government and law official have been dealing since the launching of the Internet. Since the mid seventies law officials has made laws to protect children from being used by adults in porn. In 1977 the Sexual Exploitation of Children Act was put into Legislation. The law prohibits the use of a minor in the making of pornographic, picture of a minor, and the production and circulation of materials advertising child pornography. It is also prohibits the transfer, sale, purchase, and receipt of minors when the purpose of such transfer, sale, purchase, or receipt is to use the child or youth in the production of child pornography. Another laws were made in 1984 The Child Protection Act of 1984defines anyone younger than the age of 18 as a child (U.S. code: title 18, Section 2251-2256). On November 18, 1988, the United States Congress enacted the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act (U.S Code: Title 18, Section 2251-2256) that made it unlawful to use a computer to transmit advertisements or visual depictions of child pornography and it prohibited the buying, selling, or otherwise obtaining temporary custody or control of children for the purpose of producing child pornography. On November 29, 1990, the U.S. Congress enacted U.S. Code: Title 18, Section 2252 making it a federal crime to possess three or .
             more depictions of child pornography that were mailed or shipped in .
             Interstate or foreign commerce or that was produced using materials that were mailed or shipped by any means, including by computer. With the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it is a federal crime for anyone using the mail, interstate or foreign commerce, to persuade, induce, or entice any individual younger than the age of 18 to engage in any sexual act for which the person may be criminally prosecuted.

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