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Media Violence? Media "Whatever You Want"!

            There are three main types of media in this world that we hear or see on our daily occasion: television, radio, and newspaper. On such media, violence is presented in a form that anybody may read or hear it. For many years, it has been told that violence in media affects the youths therefore it must be censored. But I believe that media violence has no direct effect to real crime. Not only that, each one of us U.S. citizen is protected under the constitution for freedom of speech and press. If constitution is the ultimate rule book for U.S., we must not ignore the or else The First Amendment of the constitution would be useless. I believe that sex and violence in media should be allowed, not censored.
             Some research shows that violence in media has direct influence to an aggressive action performed by the youths. According to the American Psychological Association (source #1), violence on media may have three major effects to the viewers: 1) children may become less sensitive to pain and suffering of others, 2) children may be more fearful of the world around them, and 3) children may be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. These effects may be true, but once thing you would notice is that the research only states that it may affect the youths. That means, that it is their own choice to allow the media to influence them or not. If they are still young, parents should be held responsible for their own children. I strongly believe that youths are not forced to view or hear violence in media; it is completely their own responsibility. Just because people believe that children are affected by viewing or listening to violence through media, media should not be limited or censored. Obviously newspaper, television, and radio companies wish to present their entire media without any censorship to the viewers so that the entire message would be sent. Even the viewers take violence as entertainment and enjoy it.

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