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How Young Females Are Portrayed in the Media

            How Are Young Females Portrayed In the Media.
             In the 21st Century we live in a society where sexy is in and being fat is not. Everywhere you look you may see young women selling cigarettes, drinks, makeup, and other things that may enhance your beauty. When you look at an advertisement what's the first thing you look at? Do you actually look at the product that is being sold to you? Or do you look at the person who is actually drawing the attention to the product? All these question that I ask shows that we really don't realize what is really being shown to us and the message that is being sent.
             Kilbourne believes that "Ads portray bodies- especially women's bodies - as objects condition's us to seeing each other in dehumanizing ways, thus normalizing attitudes that can lead to sexual aggression." Looking through a magazine one day, I realized what she meant. Out of the whole magazine 90% of the advertisement showed women being portrayed as sexual objects. One particular ad caught my eye; it showed a woman in bra and panties promoting wonderbra. I being a woman see a woman in bra and panties promoting wonderbra, but men see this as a sexual way of promoting sex. Even the slogan has a sexual attitude; the saying is " So many wonderbras. So little time." Which means that she's inviting a lot of men and has so little time for them. .
             I feel that women especially young women are being portrayed as sexual objects. It angers me to see that being "thin" is in. In order to get what you want in life you have to look a certain way. Everyday they are ads everywhere showing women being depicted as the perfect women. They wear low cut shirts, revealing bottoms, and clothes that cuts into their body. They show this to get a certain audience. That audience is young girls who are starting puberty and young men who see that's the girl they want in the future.
             Guys are influenced one way and girls are influenced in another.

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