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Media and the Objectification of Women

            As I patiently waited to be serviced at a salon, there were two young girls flipping through a magazine admiring and imitating the models that were in various ads. The girls were looking at one ad, which portrayed a woman being pinned to the wall by a man that made them say "I want to be just like her", "wow she is gorgeous," because she was wearing clothes by a popular designer that appeal to their way of thinking. Images like the one described of women being objectified sexually are influencing young girls and making harsh stereotypical judgments about women. Women are strong people who make the world revolve, but how can women show their strength when they are constantly being objectified through media and advertisement. Are there any positive roles of women in the media? Yes there are positive images but they are not being portrayed in modern day media or they are only used in small ads and in certain types of magazines. Advertisement of the 21st century tend to show women as sex objects, placed in the kitchen (as domestics), and powerless. Today's society need to realize that women are powerful beings that truly can offer more than being another sex symbol or someone's sex object.
             During the early years of advertisement women were often depicted as housewives in the kitchen near the newest appliance being advertise and there role in society was always depicted as a domestic. Remember how women were portrayed on popular television shows back in the 1950's and how they were continually portrayed as submissive beings. Those television shows aided the depiction of women that were in ads that showcased them as wives or mothers that majority of the time placed them in the kitchen and the man's role was to be the dominate one, the bread winner. In the 1960's during the women's movement, women wanted equal rights. They didn't want the stereotypes of being just a housewife; they wanted society to see them as equals to the opposite sex and treated just as fairly.

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