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Victims, Perpetrators and the Rape Culture

             In criminal law, rape is defined as sexual assault on a person without the consent of the victim. People often hear of cases of domestic violence, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse without ultimately realizing the meaning behind it. Rape is a crime of violence and aggression that can ultimately shatter a victim's life. It is a crime that does not discriminate against race or even gender. There is no way a person can prevent rape. It is a crime that can leave its victims with long term physical, psychological and emotional problems. This is a very interesting, and sensitive topic for me because I am a rape victim and I believe society and the idea of rape culture have a lot to do with the increasing rape cases throughout the years.
             There are different motivations and reasons that lead men to rape. Whether it is anger or a need to feel powerful, to dominate, or humiliate I believe they are deeply rooted in today's social structure. Stereotypes and stigmas about rape in today's society have evolved greatly from historical attitudes. What is it about our society that makes rape such as a fast growing violent crime?.
             As children, boys and girls are taught that have different roles. More often, women are raised to be passive while men are raised to be more aggressive and act dominant. Boys and girls are taught to accept many gender based attitudes, values and norms. They are reinforced daily by social media and even in education. I believe that media influences women to think of themselves as inferior and men as aggressors. Because if these gender-based norms our society has constructed a culture in which sexual violence is and rape are belittled and sometimes even justified in society.
             Some of these gender based norms actually contribute a lot to why women are raped and why they don't speak up for themselves. As children and teenagers we have many influences that teach us "how to be ladies".

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