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Commercial Sexism

            Turn on the television and at any moment you are overwhelmed with a countless images that market everything from food to clothes and anything in-between. Marketing has become a place that keeps perpetuating a constant mass media approach to stereotyping gender roles and truly taking away from the accomplishments that either gender has made to become better people in general. Mass media continues to dictate and sadly subdue lives along false gender identities by making those who watch these commercials or see these ads in magazines to believe a set of false ideals that try to make you think that you must be like this, have this, or look like this, in order to be seen as successful or appealing person. I really want to look at one commercial and one ad both for hamburger establishments.
             Burger King and Carl's Junior that truly show just how much media shows that women are seen as nothing more than objects, and not as innovators, who are taking a more active role in their careers, leading large companies, own their own businesses, who are very active in their communities, motivate, and create positive change in the world. Yet, these giant corporations still bring women down to being seen as nothing more than objects to be objectified. This is another blemish on society because despite the obstacles woman have overcome for years to be seen as more than the weaker sex, mass media still portrays woman as objects. Woman have climbed the corporate ladder, they have earned the right to be respected. They are powerful consumers, leaders, and creators. Despite all the advances made over the years often times we are still seen as nothing but the weaker sex and are objectified to the point of utter ridiculousness. Burger King advertised a meal in poster form and in print media for their new, BK Super Seven Incher. The ad focuses on a woman with her mouth open, in an oddly blow up doll like pose awaiting a phallic shaped hamburger to enter her agape mouth.

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