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Crossing Gender Lines

             The distinct gender lines that have developed over time demonstrate Sexism. Today, sexism goes so deep that at first it's difficult to see, and you simply think it's reality. There are no classes teaching today's children how to act or behave according to their gender. Yet little boys and little girls learn at a very young age what is expected of them. They begin to get ideas about their gender roles from their parents, their school teachers and subconsciously from the toys they play with and the television shows they watch. Even before the children are born, parents begin choosing clothing and decorations by color based on the sex of the baby. The stereotype of pink, pastels, yellow and white for girls and bright or dark colors similar to green, blue and red for boys has long been a part of our culture. .
             How often do children argue over toys because the girls don't want the boy color or the boys don't want the girl color? The issue of color may go deeper than just fighting for toys. Studies have been done showing that school classrooms, especially in younger grades, are typically decorated in "boy" colors and reflect an environment that is most comfortable for males. Parents and teachers may be able to help reverse this thinking by buying toys in gender neutral colors and by using the same colors for both boys and girls. Children usually start to define their gender identity in early preschool. In turn, the toys that the children are given go a long route to further (or help change) gender stereotypes and inequality. In general, boys are given toys such as trucks, blocks and doctor's kits, encouraging them to build, explore how things work and be active. Girls on the other hand are given dolls, kitchen sets, and items such as play make-up. This is essentially stating that all that is expected of girls is that they shall become good mothers and wives and they must look attractive.

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