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Case study of Levis Jeans adverts

            This is a study of Levis jean adverts, made in the mid 1980s when their sales were at a all time low. Levis have always been classed as a way of American way of life, and the fifties was a time when the sales of Levi jeans were at their best and were by far the leading brand of jean manufacturers in the U.S.From the mid 1950s onwards, jeans have been especially associated with particular types of male American youth heroes including Marlon Brando and their sixties followers. These heroes have been symbols of youth and rebellion in almost all Western countries. Before this period, young people were not seen in their own category and were seen as young adults with no consuming power. After the war however youths had a spending power of their own and were now seen as teenagers awaiting fashions to spend their money on. Levis grabbed at this chance for sales.
             The idea that Levis were the "Original and the Best- was reiterated to the American and foreign customer, this was given to the customer privately and directly via their television in the comfort of their own home through a set of 7 adverts set in the 1950s and 4 final adverts set in the 1980s to show and portray how the jeans were excellent in the 50's and still are. The adverts are well made and planned down to the very last detail such as steam, body language and slogans to capture the feeling of the advert. The Levis adverts that were made we now know were very successful in helping the sales of the jeans and were and still are popular among the customer.
             Levis adverts have always been of a high standard and have always had a conceivable storyline; in this study I will present three of these adverts in detail to magnify the detail given into the advert.
             Main Body.
             Advert 69 The Club.
             This advert starts off with the view from the inside of a 50's club, an old woman checking tickets with the pointed glasses and the frizzy hair trying to look younger so as to not feel out of place in the club and a scene of a party that can be for all generations, This could be seen as a metaphor of Levis that can be for any age and for any time.

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