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Drug abuse

             In the ideal picture of the athletic field, athletes are portrayed as individuals who train intensely to push themselves to success. They devote majority of their lives into training for their sport. During training and competitions, the athletes endure countless physical injuries. These athletes are not only dedicated and persistent in the field of sport, moreover they are passionate and determined to win. In professional sports, some athletes believe that participation is the essence of the event, but all of the athletes agree that winning is the ultimate goal in playing. This desire to win pushes some athletes to choose shortcuts to triumph, instead of achieving the victory with their own physical excellence. The most popular method of cheating in competitive sports is the use of performance enhancers. These banned substances can make the athletes jump higher, run faster, and throw further. Surveys show that athletes themselves believe that drug usage exists in up to 90 percent of sports (CASA commission). The rate of drug usage in competitive sport has increased as a result from the negative changes in our society. The changes that contribute to the popularity of drug usage are advancement in technology, availability of illegal substances, and the importance of winning.
             The existence of substance abuse in sporting events has resulted in the continuous battle between scientists. While some scientists are developing more efficient testing methods, other scientists devote their time in researching new sport enhancers, and other ways to beat the tests. As years progress, technology advances, which aids athletes in cheating in sports. When the International Olympics Committee published a list of 110 banned substances, more new drugs were already developed (Winnipeg Free Press). The most popular drug in the winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City was Darpeotpetin, a drug that can hasten the production of red blood cells in the body (CBC Canada).

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