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drug abuse

             People in this world value certain things. On the other hand, we take many things for granted. We also discourage some behavior, such as crime, disregarding others, and use of illegal drugs. Drug abuse is one of the most discouraged behaviors in our country. The use of illegal drugs is harmful to the user as well as the user's family. There are over 40 million illegal drug users in the world today and America has become the biggest market for drugs (Plant). Sadly, there are more drug dealers in this country, than there are dentists (Plant). We must find a way to slow down this illegal drug abuse. Drug users are parasites, feeding off society's money and wealthy lifestyles. In addition, every type of insurance goes up because of drug abuse, including auto, health and homeowners (Belenko). Worst of all, the crime rate will sky rocket if we let this behavior continue. Illegal drugs and their abusers are a menace to society for obvious reasons. Drugs abuse simply has a negative effect on our community as a whole; therefore, we need to work together to create more effective policies. .
             The solution is ongoing and complicated. It must begin with the youth of our community. We need to start overemphasizing the dangers of drug abuse in our class rooms of all schools. It seems like only a select group of students receive the proper teachings on drug and alcohol. A sad fact to face is that a majority of the children are not receiving the proper parenting at home on these issues (Belenko). These types of courses need to become a general education requirement throughout our country's schools. .
             The most popular drug in America, alcohol, is generally thought of as socially acceptable and relatively harmless. But it can have devastating effects. Alcohol might seem very harmless but it can harm the user very quickly if abused. Alcohol is for the most part easy to obtain and consume (Miller).

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