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Drug Abuse

            Thesis Statement:In my speech i will tell about drug abuse in the united states.
             We value several things, some of which are freedom, expanding and taking care of our families and our financial security. Use of illegal drugs is harmful to the user and all those with whom the user comes in contact. There are over 40 million illegal drug users in the world today and America is the biggest market for drugs. There are more drug dealers in this country, than there are dentists. Illegal drug abuse must be stopped, it hurts our society, hurts us, and most of all, hurts the user. Illegal drugs and their abusers are a plague to society for many different reasons. Drugs have very harmful effects on the user and the people with whom the user interacts. .
             I. Alcohol.
             A.The most popular drug in america is generally thought of as a socially acceptable and relatively harmless. Alcohol might seem very harmless but it can harm the user very easily. .
             B. The immediate effects on the user are relaxation and a slight anesthetic effect. Alcohol is a very addictive drug.
             C. There are more than eighteen million alcoholics in america, an indication of h9ow widespread its harmful effects are. .
             D. Alcoholics normally drink a lot on mornings and weeknights, at times which separate them from normal "social" drinkers.
             E. Other physical effects of drinking are vomiting, passing out and sometimes, if enought alcohol is consumed over a long enough period of time, or if mixed with other drugs, death.
             A. Marijuana is a popular drug. Its largest consumers are young adults .
             B. Its smoked in a pipe or rolled in a cigarette.
             C. Ecperimntation with marijuana is dangerous because studies show that sixty percnt of people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis move on to try harder drugs soon after.
             D. In the long run, it may cause lung cancer and other repiratory problems.
             A. Cocaine is snorted or smoked as crack.

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