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Hip Hop Marketing

            The hip-hop generation is often denoted in the media as a demographic of teen-agers with pockets of discretionary cash. That stereotype, however, is exactly that- a stereotype. In fact hip-hop emerged in 1979 and stepped into the music market with a song called "Rapper's Delight" which makes most of its original followers over the age of 25. The music has since developed into a multi-billion dollar cultural phenomenon that has not only influenced the music industry, but the industries of Hollywood, fashion, literature, and magazines. .
             Those involved in the hip-hop loop have long since witnessed the hip-hop culture transcend all expectations since its humble beginnings in the late 70s and early 80s. With notable pioneers such as Russell Simmons, Run DMC, and the Sugar Hill Gang laying the foundation for present stars such as Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Jay-Z, and Eminem, this culture has thrived into a hands down success. Advertisers, media/film outlets, and radio stations have taken full notice of the affect and role that this genre has played in shaping the current U.S. market over the past 10 years.
             Hip Hop is no longer just a music genre. As a matter of fact if you talk to those who have been a part of the hip hop movement since its conception, they will tell you that it is a culture filled with enrichment and enlightment in several different aspects. Its creativity spans from music to clothing and beyond. At first it was categorized as a unique way for the urban community to express its talents, but soon developed into a full-bred society with an immense following. It didn't take long for marketers and other business people to realize that this was no longer merely a community expression, but a money making venue. Rap is the music, hip-hop is the style, urban is the mindset in this affluent culture. Advertising hip-hop goes well beyond the music being played, it speaks to a lifestyle, and offers an exceptional environment for product branding.

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