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The Popularity of Rap

             Rap music has changed very much throughout the years. At first it was mainly underground, enjoyed in the black ghettos. Now it has developed into a very mainstream popular form of music. Everybody now enjoys rap music, regardless of age, race, or gender. Even white people enjoy rap music. In this essay I"m going to show you why rap music is very popular and the causes and effects of its popularity.
             Rap evolved from the writings and music of the Last Poets. Rap isn't just a form of music; it helped create a whole culture called Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop originated from the ghettos of the Bronx in New York City. Break-dancers, graffiti artists, djs, and emcees are all apart of the hip-hop culture. A song called "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar hill Gang was the first rap song to go mainstream. There were rap songs before this (1979), but "Rapper's Delight" started the takeover. Many rappers today claim that song is the reason they rap. .
             Rap has come a long way from the days of Run-DMC and N.W.A. Yet these groups help start the crazy popularity of rap music. It was the first time a type of music incorporated a type of style or attitude to go along with it. Run-DMC helped make Adidas the hot item to wear, by always wearing them and writing songs about them. (My Adidas) N.W.A. had an f*ck the police attitude and made gangsta music very popular. Since I wasn't really old enough, I can't attest to why they were insanely popular.
             Now you have the wannabe gangsters rappers and emcees that only rap about all the money they have and how much bling bling they got. The fake gangsters that are popular today are 50 cent, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, and others. I believe they are popular because a lot of people really can't understand what they are saying and just like the beat of the song. I can say that initially I was one of these people and I later found out that I like songs that talked about pimping (50 cent's P.

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