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Rap Music And Youth's Behavior

             Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the potentially misleading content of violent themes and lyrics in gangta" rap. The content of this branch of rap (rhythm and poetry) focalizes on extremely controversial topics such as politics, sex, religion, racism, and drug addiction. Initially attracted by the catchy beats of gangsta" rap, youth start to listen to this music many times without knowing of the potential psychological damage it may cause. It misleads them to a distorted reality where morally wrong actions are positively rewarded and good actions are no longer needed except when there is a sexual goal behind it. Despite its entertainment value, gangsta" rap misleads our impressionable teens by showing them that violence, and aggressiveness is acceptable behavior; and unless government officials decide to make a change, gangsta" rap will continue to influence the behavior of adolescents for the worst. After many discussions about this topic, musicians and the music producers seem to blame each other for the violent end sexually explicit lyrics contained in their music. Due to the negative influence of this popular music among youth that are struggling for popularity in school and among peers, the government should produce new regulations to involve the parents on what kind of music their children are listening to.
             Rap Music and Youth's Behavior.
             Gangsta' Rap and its violence.
             Music has always had a tremendous affect on cultures and societies around the world. It affects how people dance, speak, and even the styles of clothing that are worn. As rap music has emerged from ghettos, it too has played an extremely important role in the lives of American youth today. Large numbers of "parental-advisory" and "explicit lyrics" CD's releases from disco-graphic companies are causing tremendous parental concerns because of their violent ethics. Parents are very apprehensive about their children's principles, and the behavior they learn from gangsta' rap music.

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