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Rap: The cause or the Result of Violence

            Rap: The cause or the result of violence?.
             In the article "Redeeming the Rap Music Experience" Venise Berry examines the cause and effects of rap music and rap artists. Rap Lyrics are a very controversial subject because they often include the issues of Sex, Violence, and drugs. Supporters of rap culture believe that the issues discussed in this type of music are a result of the life that young black men are exposed to. Rap lyrics are a way for them to express their feelings and expose others to their life of hell in the dangerous world that they live. As Berry's says culture rap is a vehicle for self expression. Rap opponents argue that the violent and sexually explicit lyrics of rap music cause the young black culture to act out in criminal ways and exploit their women. This group of people believe that the monkey see monkey do idea comes into play and that the African American youth watch the violence in music videos and repeatedly hear they violet lyrics in rap songs and this causes them to become violent. If young people think that it is ok for rappers to act out in criminal ways they will believe that it is also ok for them to exhibit these behaviors. I truly believe that both of these ideologies are true, Rap creates violence but is it also created by this same violence. .
             Almost every type of music is cause by an emotional experience and rap is not any different then the other forms of music out their. "Today's rap music reflects the distinct experience of urban black culture The heavy beat, incessant scratching, aggressive delivery and lyrical story line present a message of anger and frustration from urban existence."(613) Many of these rap artist have grown up in poverty and with the fear of being shot to death. Almost five percent of black males in urban America will be killed by gunshot. (614) many others will be witnesses to a friend or family member being gunned down. Death, Murder, and violence are the way of life for members of the urban black community; rap music is the way that they express the feelings created by this horrible way of life.

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