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The reality of rap and violence

             Music is a tool used by people to tell a story or to entertain an audience. People put their thoughts and feelings into their music. Music is very powerful because the rhythm is so catchy and the lyrics you can relate to them . Now some types of music can have you feeling like your in love, while other types can have you feeling like going out and partying the night away. No matter what type of music you listen to it affects your attitude, your personality, and it even affects the world around you. Rap music or as critics call it "Gangasta" rap could have a bad influence on you and your society. Once you start listening to these songs you start to want to be like these rappers. Violence in today's society is it really caused by rap music? .
             Rap is about heritage, identity and the future. Rap music originated in mid-1970 in south Bronx section of New York City. Rap is a cross - culture product. Rapping is saying rhymes to the beat of music it was originally called emceeing. It draws its roots from the Jamaican art form known as toasting. In the early 70's, a Jamaican dj known as Kool Herc moved from Kingston to NY's West Bronx. Here, he attempted to incorporate his Jamaican style of dj which involved reciting improvised rhymes over the dub versions of his reggae records (Davey). Kool Herc separated rap music from other popular music and set the stage for further innovation. he is know for his massive stereo system speakers and his practice of extending obscure instrumental breaks that created an endless collage of peak dance named b-beats or breaks-beats (Rose). Afrika Bambaataa influence on rap's development is pivotal. He is often referred to as the God Father of Hip Hop, born and raised in the Bronx, he was a member of the Black Spades gang in his early teens. He went on to form the Zulu Nation. He organized break dancing competition and musical events promoting peace and racial tolerance (Keeley).

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