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I Can't Bite My Lip Any More

             Should music companies that generate violent music be held legally liable for the effects of the music they produce?.
             Over the years music has become more violent, mostly in rap, and rock and roll. Many of the outside critics believe that the violence in music has a lot to do with the increase in violence in society. The critics, as well as some of the parents believe that the producers of the violent material should be held responsible for the effects of the material that they produce. The thing that they should be concerned with most are the people committing the crimes instead of blaming the music. .
             In recent years, the rap industry has been blamed for a number of incidents involving violence. Many of the critics blame it on the so-called "GANGSTA RAP", because of the explicit lyrics in the music. An example of how the rap industry has been blamed is a rapper named Ice T. Who has once fallen under the gun of the critics, because of a song he wrote called "Cop Killa". Not too long after the song was released there were a number of incidents out in Los Angeles, where there were police officers being killed, and others who were almost killed. When these people were caught and questioned, a number of them blamed their actions on the song "Cop Killa". But it is not Ice T's fault for these crimes, but the fault of the person committing these crimes against the police. The media along with the critics of the rap industry would say that while the person that tried to kill the officer is guilty, they were lead to do this because of the lyrics in the song. In the song he said because of this hate, he wanted to go out and kill any cop that he came across.
             This is a fine example to use because, you can't blame the rapper for the crime of someone else, in this case it would be Ice T. Long before the release of this record there were cases in which there were people trying to kill officers, not only in L.

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