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My holiday feast

             My holiday feast will make your mouth water and your spirit raise. My holiday feast happens in the month of December. If you haven't guessed my favorite holiday is Christmas. It is the best holiday because it is the only one where you get presents and get an amazing feast made for you. .
             My Christmas day starts off when we wake up and go to my grandmother's. By the time we get there my whole family is there. When you walk in you smell the sweet aroma of voluptuous food and my grandmother's favorite apple cinnamon candles. My friend Eric has described the smell as "pure goodness." After we have greeted everyone in the family, and the men have looked over what is being cooked. We go into the living room and turn on whatever sporting event is on. While the women of the family are fixing the meal, you can hear all of the men sitting, talking about sports statistics and whatever else is going on in their lives and the world. .
             Once it is time to eat we gather in the kitchen to say the prayer. My dad says the prayer and usually gives a good message that touches all of our lives. My dad then says "let's eat," and all of the men rush to see what the women have prepared. I walk over by the oven and on top of it I see cream corn, mashed potatoes, carrots in brown sugar, buttery biscuits, and green beans. I could smell the steam coming off of the carrots, the aroma of the brown sugar was music to my soul. The feast line then moved to the meat section of food. My grandmother had cooked a deliciously prepared turkey. My aunts had fixed ham, and turkey and dressing. With my dads barbecue chicken was more than my eyes could handle. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets by the time I had my plate made. .
             My cousin and I went outside to eat. We could hear the rest of the family talking and laughing every once in a while. I then began feasting. This meal was the greatest!!!! I had never eaten a meal this good ever in my life.

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