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            Homecoming: Traditions and Surprises.
             Hustle and bustle fills the air, leaves begin to change to autumn-like colors; the cold, brisk air is a sign that summer has turned its back and winter looms in the distance. Inside the warm, candle-lit house an energetic family labors in the aromatic kitchen. Metal pots clang, boiling water hisses; the sounds of the season have arrived and the lively atmosphere brings a feeling of anticipation and excitement. The television sings with cheers from the annual Bowl games that add to the constant, bustling sound. Each "cook-d-jour" works efficiently and steadily; he is unable to notice the ever-so-noisy room. The space is ample for accomplishing the task at hand: fifteen guests along with the five family members is a perfect number of twenty. The guests shall arrive within the next few hours, for they know what to expect at the Squires" annual Thanksgiving Day feast. They can't wait for the succulent apple pie that mom never fails to perfect. The candied yams, homemade cranberry sauce, and perfectly creamy mashed potatoes are quite scrumptious as well. Neither will they forget about the plentiful turkey, rotisserie baked to perfection with dad's special recipe for the year. Will it be Cajun-style this year? Or will he try to top the "MMMM turkey" as he so exquisitely perfected last year? Either way, Thanksgiving will be a grand, delicious feast, an annual Squires family affair.
             Each of us stand at our designated station in the kitchen, chopping, grating, and seasoning with the secret ingredients for that special taste. Brad, with his burly forearms and endless persistence, always enjoys taking care of the mashed potatoes. Since the age of ten, being the oldest son, he naturally accepted the role for the toughest job. He knows his perfectionist qualities shine as he makes the most consistent, creamy mashed potatoes one could ever desire.

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