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             com "prayer" is an act of communication with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or in contrition, or thanksgiving). In other words, prayer is simply a form of communication between God and the chosen people of his Creation. In one sense, that is all there is to it: communication. Regardless of whether this communication is private or public, formal or informal, silent or vocal, it is a vital step in crafting an intimate relationship with God. For such a relationship to exist, there must be some form of communication; and for there to be communication, all of the elements listed above must exist. Prayer does not follow a strict set of guidelines and can be exercised in a variety of ways. Five categories or themes, which compose a large majority of prayers, are the Prayer of Adoration or Praise, the Prayer of Thanksgiving, the Prayer of Intercession, The Prayer of Repentance and the Prayer of Petition. .
             The Prayer of Adoration or Praise is often described as man's most immediate and basic movement in creating a relationship with God. Adoration also is considered as the first attitude of man in acknowledging that he is a creature before his Creator. Although the adoration of God may come at the price of humbling or temporarily forgetting oneself, there is a gift attached to this small sacrifice. To adore God is to forget the importance of oneself, an action, which will lead to the purest joy. This joy, therefore enables us to cast aside all of our petty worries and focus on what is truly important. In turning all of our attentions to God, we turn to his light and are freed from the darkness which resides within us and our everyday lives. Ultimately, our adoration of the Lord is not an homage that he needs, but something that he rightfully deserves. To adore God is to pay homage to his power and to respond to what is real: the honesty of his presence. The Prayer of Adoration has enhanced my comprehension of prayer in that I now understand how to truly and wholly appreciate my God.

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