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The Power of Prayer

            What is prayer? Prayer is our direct line with heaven. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk to God. He wants us to communicate with Him, like a person-to-person phone call. Cell phones and other devices have become a necessity to some people in today's society. We have Bluetooth devices, iPhones, and talking computers. These are means of communication that allow two or more people to interact, discuss, and respond to one another. To many people, prayer seems complicated, but it is simply talking to God.
             We are all children of God. He loves us and knows our needs, and He wants us to communicate with Him through prayer. We should pray to Him and no one else. The Lord Jesus Christ commanded, "Ye must always pray unto the Father in my name" (3 Nephi 18:19). As we make a habit of approaching God in prayer, we will come to know Him and draw ever nearer to Him. Our desires will become more like His. We will be able to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that He is ready to give if we ask in faith. A quote from Elder Bednar says: "Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all of our doings, as we express heartfelt gratitude, and as we pray for others." .
             A answer to a mother's prayer. As I was sitting in the seminary when I suddenly thought about my cousin Emily. I had the impression to share this quote that I had found with my cousin Emily. I sent this quote: "Knock, and He'll open the door. Vanish, and He'll make you shine like the sun. Fall, and He'll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, and He'll turn you into everything." Later that day, I got a text from my Aunt and this is what it said: "Sweet girl!!! I wanted you to know that Emily shared with me the sweet thought you sent her. Sarah you are inspiring!!! Thank you for sending that. Emily has really been struggling with her body image lately. Your message couldn't have come at a better time.

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