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GrandMothers ThanksGiving

            I will never forget the thanksgivings spent at grandmothers house.
             a time when most of our family comes together to have a excellent feast. Who can .
             forget the warm juicy sweet smelling turkey cooking in its own juices in the .
             oven or the delicious smell of sweet potatoe pie or the warm buttery brown .
             biscuits baking in the oven. The huge smile on our faces when the hot crisp .
             homemade apple pie was smothered with creamy egg nog ice cream was enough to .
             make everyone feel glad that it was thanksgiving. The sweet aroma's of all of .
             the food combined was more than enough to make anyone eat to their hearts .
             content. The Stuffing was bursting with cajun flavor. .
             Recreational activities played during thanksgiving were great. Grandmother .
             had a huge grassfilled backyard with a dirt road surrounding the outsides of the .
             yard. This caused the yard to resemble a square shape. Perfect for playing a few .
             games of backyard football. It was so cold outside that when we breathed you .
             could see the cold frost coming from our mouths. That did not stop us from .
             playing. After we finished playing football when went back in the house just to .
             feel the warm burst of air and the aroma of the sweet thanksgiving foods all .
             over again. After thanksgiving at my grandmothers house we take a trip over to .
             my uncle mike's house. .
             My uncle mike's house is the prime house for entertainment after .
             thanksgiving. He has a 150 inch big wide screen tv with cyclone surround sound .
             speakers in each corner of the guest room. Each speaker is placed at a vertical .
             angle so that the sound flows evenly throughout the room. Sitting in that room .
             makes you feel like you are actually inside the movie playing to roles yourself. .
             The sound is amazing. He also has every videogame system every person could want .
             that includes playstation 2, XBox, GameCube and N64 all brand new and rarely .
             used until thanksgiving when we come over to play. My uncle had some snacks of .

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