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Foundations of Kinesiology - Occupational Therapy

            Sports have been a part of my live ever since my existence here on earth. My father enrolled me in karate as a toddler and from there competition has been instilled in my body every since. Basketball entered my life a few years after karate in a neighborhood association program for youth sports. Not only was competition instilled in my body but it was also in my mother and father, also. He did not have the opportunity to play sports like many of his youngers siblings did, so you can kind of say he lived his love of sports through me. .
             On the other hand, my mother was very fortunate to have the opportunity to play sports. In high school, she ran the 100 and 200 meter hurdles in track and she was a starting shooting guard on her varsity basketball team, as a freshman. She also qualified to represent her high school in the regional finals for track. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the state finals. But as you can see, sports have been embedded in my life ever since I entered into this world.
             Basketball and softball was the two main sports I played in high school. Even though I played basketball since my youth years, softball was a new sport that was interested to me. Sometimes me and my father would sit down and watch college softball on television on the weekends and I believed it was an interesting sport, so my freshman year I tried out for the softball team and surprisingly they approved of my skills. After that moment, softball was the sport I played throughout my high school career. Inopportunely, basketball only occupied three out of the four years of my high school years. .
             It was my junior year of high school during thanksgiving break. The team had one official game until we were free from practices and games of basketball. That day was an inedible day, from the time I woke up. It was game day and for some reason I woke up late and did not have the ample amount of time to get ready like I normally would.

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