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Physical Therapy Occupational Outlook

            Physical therapy has been used for many generations in the aid of helping crippled children with birth defects, used for surgery patients to regain full use of there body for the best recovery. Physical therapists also work to prevent and treat athletic injuries, to reduce pain and improve the range of motion. These days.
             Modern therapy started in August 22, 1917 by the Surgeon general's office, the therapist's main duty was to help soldiers of the war. The therapist's training along with hands on experience and basic anatomy knowledge was education and vocational programs. Physical therapy is the treatment by use of heat, message, and strengthening exercises for the body to prevent and treat ailments of the body. All students interested in the field of physical therapy all have the same question as to whether or not the field is growing with job security being high for that field. In the future years the need for physical therapists will grow because there will always be people in need of treatments for an ailment in their body.
             Michelle Lagace a physical therapist from Florida stated that the growth of physical therapists isn't growing at all, but the need for their assistants is growing. She said that the states and insurance companies are getting too cheap to pay for better care. The real therapists are getting loaded down with patients with little time to give quality care to each individual but have many assistants to help with the delivering of teaching and caring for the patients but you as the physical therapist have to devise the plan for each person to do during there sessions or exercises they have to do on their own at home. Dan Clemons another therapist who resides in Florida had the same opinion, he said that not only are there less openings for physical therapist's but also that the field is so competitive that your grades during college are most important to finding a successful job after graduation.

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