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Physical Therapy

             There are some jobs that are serious and some that are fun. There are some jobs that people will need motivation to go to that next level. The job that I chose has all those aspects. Physical therapy is a job where I could use my heart and help people become healthier, relieve some of their pain and make people feel more confident about themselves. I wanted a job where I could joke around with my clients and not have to be uptight all the time. I would like to do this job for as long as possible. This is a job where I can see myself waking up every morning and actually be happy to go to work. .
             Having a health profession is very important in my family. My parents wanted me to become a doctor, but to me a doctor works to hard. I still want to relax come home to my kids and not be on call at all hours of the night. Some physical therapist do work crazy hours but most of them have regular 9 to 5 jobs and come home at decent hours. .
             I have to family members who worked in this particular field one became a chiropractor and the other is still in school working on her DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy. They both tell me that they love their jobs. In a personal interview with my cousin Jessica Philogene Told me "It's a wonderful feeling to work with my clients. I enjoy the challenge of keeping them motivated and I also make great money" (Philogene). This job also has a lot of perks depending on where or what field you want to work in. Besides keeping in shape, if I decided to do physical therapy in the sports field there is a very good chance that I can meet all sorts of famous athletes.
             A physical therapist treats patients that are suffering from physical injuries or disabilities by use of properties such as exercise, heat, water, electricity, ultrasonics and massage. The physical therapist evaluates clients and chooses a type of programming depending on the results of their evaluation. The type of programs may include muscle strengthening, flexibility and general conditioning and pain management (Herschensohn 1).

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