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Phyical Therapist

             A construction worker with an injured back a senior citizen with arthritis an infant with a birth defect an Olympic athlete a person who has a stroke a child with a disability a pregnant woman an overstressed business executive this is a diverse group of people; each can benefit in some way from physical therapy (A future in Physical Therapy). My career goal is to become a physical therapist. I have always been engaged in sports of some kind my whole life. As a physical therapist I would, on a daily basis, be involved with sports and at the same time be helping others. I know very little about this career except that a physical therapist helps all type of people using physical therapy and special equipment. I hope to learn that the benefits, both personal and monetary, are what I want for my future. .
             Physical therapy is about helping people. It's also about helping people help themselves. Physical therapy aims to restore movement and function, relieve pain, and prevent illness and injury. Physical therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of numerous physical conditions of all age groups. It treats people with musculoskeletal disorders such as neck strains or knee injuries; neurological deficits such as a stroke patients or cerebral palsy children; and skin disorders such as wounds, burns or diabetic foot ulcers. Physical therapy is active in cardiac care by monitoring and progressing patients after a heart attack or with cardiovascular difficulties. Physical therapy is also active in the rehabilitation of pulmonary patient. One might assist in decreasing oxygen requirements or one might improve breathing techniques. Physical therapy includes practice in sports medicine, fitness and health, the performing arts, industrial screenings, and with women's health issues such as pregnancy or incontinence issues. Physical therapy teaches people about their body, their disorder, and their health (Physical Therapy).

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