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Physical Therapy

            The career that interests me is physical therapy. There are many different aspects to physical therapy. It is, defined as the treatment of physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities, intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development.
             While doing research for my paper I talked to many people about the field of physical therapy. One woman said that contrary to what all the books say, she thinks that physical therapy isn't the field of work to get into because it is no longer a high paying career because there are so many therapists. On the other hand, a man that I talked to said that I should get into physical therapy because there is money in the field and that I would enjoy it. .
             Physical therapy puts to use skills that a person has learned to help someone get better. This aspect of helping others attracts me. In an attempt to learn more about this career, I arranged to do job shadow with Louie Greenwald, a physical therapist at Medical Associates Clinic with many years of experience, had lots to say on the topic.
             When I first went to Medical Associates Physical Therapy wing I was a little shaky. Louie was there waiting for me, he then took me to a nurse who filled out papers with me. After all the legalities were worked out she gave me a nametag and took me to where Louie was working with a patient. This was his favorite patient of the day for one reason. This was the last day of physical therapy for this man. Louie says it's the best feeling to watch a patient progress to the point of being completely better. That was an inspiring beginning for me. .
             Throughout my shadow experience, I was able to see Louie work with a variety of patients. Each experience was unique and helped me to see a slightly different aspect of a physical therapist's job. The next patient we went to see had shoulder problems. He was in chronic pain.

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