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Research Paper - Homelessness

             Homelessness is quite an issue that affects many today. Research indicates that homelessness is not defined the same globally and that there are certain guidelines to each definition. There are also many reasons behind homelessness, on a social, economic and psychological level. Those who are affected most are youth (21 and younger) and older individuals (50 and above). Multifaceted issues are involved in this phenomenon; yet, the common elements are family, housing and abuse (drug and alcohol, physical, sexual, and mental). Studies of homelessness show the effects that homelessness has on individuals and on our society, psychologically, physically, socially and mentally. Methods have been presented as a means to alleviate homelessness and to console its effects on our society.
             The Wide Path of Homelessness.
             With all of the advancements in society today, many would think homelessness to be a smaller issue. However, homelessness is just as prevalent today, as it was many years ago. The question(s) that come to mind when considering this issue are: What exactly is homelessness? When did it become such an issue? Why is it still an issue? What are some of the social, economic and psychological factors that contribute to the plight of homelessness? How can we eradicate or alleviate homelessness? With an issue as broad and controversial as homelessness, an answer to all of these questions will not be simple. However, we will attempt to answer them at best with history, education and with research. .
             Before we can delve deep into the subject of homelessness, it is important that we understand what homelessness is. The literal meaning of homelessness is one without a home or dwelling. However, what exactly is considered a "home" and is that all there is to being homeless? Furthermore, is homelessness defined differently by country or region? In the article International Homelessness: Policy, Socio-Cultural, and Individual Perspectives by Marybeth Shinn, those questions are answered from a global perspective.

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