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Poverty In The United States

             Imagine that one day you woke up and lost everything you ever had. Maybe you got really sick or you lost your job. Then think about having a family to support and not being able too. Children are society's most important value. Families should be the supporters of children but are not always . I want America to understand what our society is trying to tell us but were not listening. Poverty needs to be acknowledged and addressed.
             It is so hard to measure poverty in America .How do they get together and figure out the statistical measurements? The Federal poverty income guidelines from 1991 explain how they prepare family estimates in this country:.
             Federal Poverty income guidelines are a simplified version of the federal government's statistical poverty thresholds used by the bureau of the census to prepare its estimates of the numbers of persons and families in poverty (1991 Federal Poverty 1).
             It is very hard to know how many people are in poverty. There are so many statistical reviews. The best one I could find is from the Journal of Marriage and Family. "Approximately 13% of individuals, 11% of families, and 19% of children lived below the poverty line in 1998, a decline of only 1% or less for each of these categories since 1900"(Seccombe 1) There is too much statistical review from the last few years. There is no estimate of poverty that is up to date.
             When I think of poverty I think of a person who does not work. The truth is poverty is when someone works and makes a low amount of money. Tussing (2) States that one can, "Define poverty as an insufficiency of means relative to needs, or as a condition of moneylessness. Poverty in the sense of moneylessness means not having enough of the basic medium of exchange to satisfy elementary human needs and to function economically and socially.".
             If that is what poverty is, then what is family poverty? When I think of family poverty I think of a parent or parents who don't have money but that is not always true.

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