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Mexico Poverty

            Mexico's poverty rate has continued to grow since the 1980's when the banking crisis erased all the gains against poverty. According to government figures, 25 million Mexicans earn between one and two times the minimum wage. This means 42% of the economically active population makes between US $4.25 and US $ 8.50 an hour, not enough to maintain a family. An additional 10% don't even earn minimum wage. (Mexico's Poverty).
             The United States has a poverty problem, but nothing compared to Mexico's. United States is government tool the right steps in creating a method to stop poverty by developing a well fare. Mexico has had this problem for so long and hasn't even tempted to make this step in helping Mexico's Poverty. (Mexico's poverty gap widens).
             The United States would advise a way to help get Mexico on the right track but the United States is not going to support them with the money. A solution that may fir the Mexicans government would be well fare. Since it has been successful for the United States. Well-fare is where the government will fund families who are in dire need of money. Along with well=fare they could have a career search for the adults in the family. Because being on fare-fare you can only be on a limited of time, it should give you and jump start in the money flow. (Mexico's Poverty Gap).
             Fare-fare is a good idea for many families that haven't started out to well, so it could be the beginning of their way off the street. Why Mexico hasn't provided well fare for many is most likely because there are so many with this problem. Well-fare is probably the best solution and most available for the Mexican population to rely on. (Mexico's Poverty).
             As I said the most reliable solution would be well fare in many different ways. In doing this you could finally get Mexico's people in homes. Also by doing this it could boost their self-esteem to go out and work and carry on a better life.

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