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Healthcare in Mexico

             Healthcare is a very important and stressful issue in Mexico as well as throughout the globe. With the economic burden and the high number of low to middle income families in Mexico, they feel the weight on their shoulders more than other countries may. The country has problems with diseases due to the violence in the area, as well as malnutrition from the lack of funds for food. With a population of over 122 million in the country, and approximately 40 million of them live in poverty, citizens struggle to obtain the medical attention they need. This report will bring attention to the dire need of healthcare issues that Mexico faces as well as how the country is trying to fix the problems. .
             Healthcare in Mexico.
             There are a few health care issues that face Mexico. Many of the issues are very evident due to the lifestyle or culture in Mexico. A well known concern that individuals are dealing with daily is the use of pesticides. With agriculture being a big part of jobs and food supply, many do not realize the danger of pesticide intake (NCBI, 2012). As of 2013, Mexico consist of a population of 122,322,000 and of approximately 40 millions citizens that have incomes below the poverty level(WHO,2013). With the Gross National Income being only $16,110, this causes many other problems, as health care has such high out-of-pocket cost, low income families struggle and find it hard to make ends meet. Mexico consists of three subsystems: Social Security, Social Protection Health System and the Private Health System. With these systems in place, it does help deffur some of the costs for some individuals(worldbank, 2013.).
             The health care system in Mexico has many challenges as well. The population faces many infectious diseases, malnutrition as well as the non communicable diseases due to injuries and violence in the country (NCBI, 2012). Due to the rising health issues, the health care system is unsatisfactory for the most part and very overstretched.

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