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Women and Proper Healthcare

            In most countries, developed or developing, women face discriminatory bias in access to proper healthcare. It is more pronounced in less developed countries or in what we call "Third World" countries. In these areas there are many reasons women do not receive the healthcare they need. It is always the poorest women that don't get the care that the need. Even when poor women work they often continue to face a lack of access since jobs typically pay a dollar a day and rarely more than that in developing countries like India and Mexico. Lack of access and poverty stem from societal views on women which is at the root of the problem. Looking beyond the surface at the consequences adult women are suffering it is clear to see that the issues concerning their health started in childhood. The girl adolescent has different threats to their health because of their biology and position in society and the preference for boys. Poverty itself is a form of social suffering of which women suffer the most. In Reimagining Global Health it says says that social suffering, ".results from what political, economic, and institutional power does to people and, reciprocally, from how these forms of power themselves in Florence responses to the social problems." (Farmer 30). Many of the main causes of women's poor health, suffering, and mortality, in both rich and poor countries, have their root in society's attitudes to women, that are reflected in the structures and systems that set policies, determine services and create opportunities. Women suffer from lack of access because they are not seen as equal assets in many societies. They are mostly seen as secondary with the role of wife, mother, and domestic caregiver. They are relegated to the home which causes them to be excluded from other parts of society. Since women in many developing countries are not in a position to make decisions politically or earn money from working.

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