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Women, Pregnancy and the Abortion Debate

            With being a woman come a great responsibility, the responsibility of motherhood. The role women have as mothers in society is substantial and dangerous. The choice of being a mother is not a choice that is in the full power of the woman, and this choice is shared with men. Throughout history, the debate over abortion has not reached a decision regarding its legitimacy. The choice in giving birth to a child is no choice for many if not most women in America. The Right to choose to have a child has been taken away from women as individuals and has been placed at the hand of the population at large. Whether abortion is right or wrong, it is an option not accessible to many women and, therefore, deprives them of having a full sense of freedom. Women cannot share the right to choose to give birth or not with a crowd in which most of its participants (men) can't assimilate the responsibility and sacrifice childcare requires. As mothers, women are the only ones to suffer full mental and physical hardship the choice of childbirth brings. If this is the case, how is it that both men and women hold equal rights on the legal standing of abortion? Abortion is a choice, which only affects women physically and, therefore, should only be a choice taken by the woman. Besides the physical implications pregnancy brings, the mother as well has a responsibility in the future of that fetus. This is where the access to abortion becomes crucial. If a woman chooses to have an abortion she and the fetus are the only ones affected. Abortion isn't a choice that is taken lightly by women; women seek abortion as means of last resort. Usually, when abortion is chosen it is due to the fact that the supposed mother has concluded that the life of the fetus if bourn will not be adequate and it is not guaranteed the safety and well-being of the child in the future. If the option of abortion is taken from women, it poses a large issue, according to the European Journal of Social Sciences "When an adult, either a woman or a man, states that they are not ready or interested in having a child, it might have a disproportionate future implication.

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