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             Abortion should remain legal because a woman should be able to choose if the pregnancy is the best thing for her health and for her babies health and life. An abortion is a surgical or medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. There are several different types of abortions. Miscarriages are known as spontaneous abortions. This is when the pregnancy is terminated due to natural causes. Suction abortions also known as the vacuum aspiration is one of the most common techniques used today. Suction abortion is when a suction tube is placed into the cervix and into the womb and the placenta is sucked from the uterus and is collected in a jar. Another form of abortion is dilation and curettage. This procedure is preformed between the seven and twelve weeks of pregnancy. In this procedure the abortionist takes a loop shaped steel knife into the womb. The abortionist takes the knife and scrapes the walls of the uterus; the baby is cut into pieces. Dilation and evacuation is also a form of abortion. The doctor takes forceps, grasps the baby's body parts and tears the limbs off the babies" body parts. This method is very safe for the mother. This method is very safe for the mother. A saline injection also known, as salt poisoning is the second most common method used today. This procedure is carried out in the sixth week of pregnancy. The doctor inserts a long needle into the abdomen and injects the saline solution into the sac where the baby is. Ingesting the salt poisons the baby and his flesh is burned away. It takes one hour to terminate the baby. The mother then goes into labor and the baby is born and expelled. This type of abortion is outlawed in most countries because of the danger it puts on the mother. The hysterectomy is also an option where the body is born live and is allowed to die or neglect or by a direct act. The final type of abortion procedure is called a Prostaglandin Abortion.

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