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             Death Before Life: Controversies About Abortions.
             As I lay here in my bed, I think of what I should do. If I do it, will God forgive me? How will I feel if I do that, will I be able to live with my self? If I tell my boyfriend what would he say? How am I going to tell my family, will my family be able to forgive me if I do it? Can I afford this at this time? What if I keep the baby what will happen to me? If I do not keep the baby where would I be if I did not? I where would I be if I do?.
             Many people feel that teenage pregnancies should not be happening. As many future teen mothers sit and ask themselves questions similar to the ones above. Controversy over abortion has been deliberated on since the early 1800's. The ethics of this controversy has been in political hot seat for an interim. .
             Though abortion should be used in atrocious situation. One argument against abortions is that it is immoral. I agree that no baby should be aborted. But in some situations, it should be considered. The Eight amendment was meant to protect all Americans. This point brings us to the next argument against abortion. This argument states that the Eight amendments are supposed to protect all people. The audible .
             difference between abortion and murder is that abortions are legal, and murders are not. Abortion has been practiced throughout the world since the early 1800's. In the United States, abortion laws began to appear in the 1800s also in the 1800s forbidding abortion after the fourth month of pregnancy. Through the efforts primarily of physicians, the .
             Key Terminology.
             Atrocious- Horrible.
             Death Before Life 4.
             American since the 1900s had outlawed medical association, and legislator, most abortion in United States. In 1967 Colorado and California legalized abortion. By June 1970, when the State of New York passed the first Abortion on Demand Law (24-week limit), it became the 16th state to allow abortion. Due to an extremely loose interpretation of "mental health," California also had defact abortion-on-demand.

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