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            Ever wonder where the idea for abortion came from or how it started? Herbs or Manipulation were some of the first forms of birth control in ancient Egypt, Greece, and in Rome. In the Middle Ages in Western Europe abortion was generally accepted in the beginning months of pregnancy. In the 19th century peoples opinion about abortion started to change. In the year 1869 the Roman Catholic Church began to prohibit abortion under any circumstances. .
             In the 19th century in England and in the United States Of America stricter laws about abortion were starting to be passed. While in the 20th a lot of people's attitudes started to become more liberal about abortion. In the 1973 ruling of Roe v. Wade abortions were permitted only within the first six months of pregnancy. While in 1977 Congress ruled that Medicaid funding for abortions will be barred. .
             Throughout the years many state legislatures have passed restrictive abortion laws which they hoped would that the Supreme Court would overturn the decision of the 1973 case Roe v. Wade but in 1992 the Supreme Court reaffirmed the basic principles of the decision. .
             Since 1995 the U.S Congress has repeatedly passed laws about abortion but President Clinton vetoed a bill that would ban a late-term method of abortion called "partial-birth abortion".
             The Roe v. Wade case decision stated that abortion is legal but only in the first trimester of pregnancy.
             There is a few different types of abortion. One type is Medical Abortion which is an abortion brought on by taking medications to end a pregnancy instead of having a surgical abortion. There is two kind of medications that you can take to have a Medical Abortion Methotrexate and Mifepristone. In the year 2002 the FDA approved Mifepristone could be used for abortions legally.
             The other type of abortion is Surgical Abortion. Surgical abortion is the removal of a fetus from the woman's uterus before the fetus is mature enough to live on it's own.

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