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Infection Control in Healthcare

             Every day more and more people are exposed to, contract and even die due to the infections in the hospitals or other health care facilities. In this essay, you will learn about the history of how infection control was implemented and the importance of infection control. I will tell you about the discoveries that were made by scientists and a nurse that changed healthcare. I will explain to you, how providing health care to patients has changed and the devices used in today's healthcare. You will learn how, although these devices were a great improvement in providing care; they have also become a major source for infections. I will also tell you the shocking number of hospital associated infections and the number of patients' death that have been caused by these infections. .
             Infection Control in Health Care.
             For many years infection control has been a large of the publics' concern. Many people fear going to the hospital for proper treatments, because they are afraid of what other infection they might get while there. From the start of hospital associated infections control in the 18th century, it evolved over the years and with new technology. However, even with today's technology the number if hospital associated infections are still shocking. .
             In the 18th Century the study of hospital associated infection began. During this time many of the theories came from studies that were conducted in Scotland. (US National Library of Medicine, 2007) During the middle of the 18th century a nurse from Italy, named Florence Nightingale was requested by the British military to help at many of the field hospitals during the Crimean War. (A E Television Networks) She found unsanitary conditions that lead to other infections for the already injured men. During this time, she had improved the sanitary conditions so much that she became known as being the Pioneer for Public Health.

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